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Finding an expert team of web developers & designers can be a daunting task, but we are going to put an end to your web development company hunt by hearing out you all requirements: Desired Functionality and Design Preferences, therefore providing you a web development proposal that covers cost projections, project completion timelines, and other imperative aspects of your project.

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Web Development / Web Design Services

Full Website Development
Web Designing/Redesigning
Web Troubleshooting/Bug Fixing
Website Customization
Website Speed Optimization
Custom Themes, CMS & Portals
Website Development Process
Domain & Hosting Setup

It all begins with finding a professional domain name for your brand which represents your brand in the online world. Moreover, choosing a hosting that fulfils your digital needs is imperative to achievement of your goals as bad hosting provider or package, can cost you precious customers due to slow page loading speed or delayed first-content paint.

Website Wireframes Development

Wireframes represent the individual page structures and website structure at large. At the early stage of development, content layouts are designed to optimize user interface (UI), whereas making user journey simple, quick and efficient. Wireframes ensure that all the content on website is easily accessible, thus reducing bounce rate.

Technical SEO

Web pages are categorized into relevant parent and child categories, hierarchy is to be achieved at this stage. Important pages such as services page, product page etc. are placed at the top of hierarchy (Mega Menu), ensuring optimized user experience (UX). Technical seo ensures lazy customers can access your important web pages with utmost convenience.

Content Upload

After technical SEO, content is upload into respective wireframes. Web Imagery, Section headings and sub-headings, descriptions, icons, testimonials, featured videos, blogs, Call To Actions (CTA's) and other content pieces are uploaded.

Web Designing

At this stage, best visual representation is given to uploaded content by our team of web designers. On all pages, consistent color combinations, eye-catching fonts, designed thumbnails, hero images, carousals and other rich media is incorporated into website with complete sync with brand's theme, with objective of enhancing's the brand's appeal.

Website Launch

Our development executive, pays a closer look to the completed developed site, cross checks the functionality and design with the summited brief. If any discrepancies are found, development team is asked to get rid of them and finalized website is send to client for approval. After approval, the website goes live.

Website Features & Functionality

Page Load Speed (Less then 5sec)

When your website visitors users will have a fast experience on mobile, they're much likely to find what they are looking for or purchase from you in the future. For many of your competitors, this equates to a huge missed opportunity, especially when their half of visitors abandoned the search as their websites take over 5 seconds to load.

Mobile Friendly Interface

With more and more visitors accessing your company website on mobile devices, it is important to make sure that all of your visitors have a positive experience, regardless of what type of device they're using to get there. If your website takes too long to download, or is not easy to use on a mobile device, they may move along to a competitor.

Cross Browser Compatibility

We are in the practice of making sure that all of our websites and web apps work perfectly across an acceptable number of web browsers. As a web developers, it is our responsibility to make sure that not only do your projects work, but they work for all your users, no matter what browser, device, or additional assistive tools they are using.

Fluid Layouts

Your customers can easily become frustrated when they have to scroll down your web pages to find the information they are looking for. Many times, parts of a web page are left blank due to the high resolution of the screen making the site visitor scroll down the page to read the content. Liquid layouts help minimize such scenarios.

Secured Website

Your website is your brand, your storefront, and often your first interaction with customers. If it’s not safe and secure, those critical business relationships can be compromised. Hackers can steal customer information, like names and email addresses, stealing credit card and other transaction information, jeopardizing the hard earned customer trust.

Custom Web Imagery

Personalization is key to developing brand authority, therefore our team of designers will craft eye-catching web imagery for various sections of your website because Images have the potential to trigger emotions, persuade, and provide all information need required by your customer to take any informed purchase decision.

Jaw-Dropping Web Design

Your website is a reflection of your brand, a representative of your brand that illustrates the worth of your business. Customers are going to judge the quality of your products & services by the design quality of your website, after all it's all about the image. Your competitors might offer competitive prices but customers may choose you over them as they find you more professional and trust-worthy,

UI/UX Optimized

Over the years, people have developed a very refined taste & expectations regarding the quality of websites as there lives revolve around social media and other digital platforms. Therefore, if a company is not being able to meet premium esthetics demand of it's visitors, they will simply switch to another source as they provide better customer experience and better interface.

Search Engine Friendly

The ultimate destiny of every website, ever created was to dominate the SERP ranking meaning appear on the top 5 search results of it's target audience. There is no point of having a website in the first place if it isn't going to rank higher on Google search results. We strive to provide a solid foundation of Seo to your website that increases it's likely hood of appealing the google algorithms and rank among the top 5 search results.